Who Is The Best Client?

I am often asked ‘Who is the best client?’, ‘What is the most interesting type of client?’. My answer is ‘All of my clients’.   I think this is what makes being a Hypnotherapist so interesting, so challenging and so exciting.  All my clients are exactly that ‘interesting, challenging and exciting’.  Each one is unique and you never know what someone is going to say when they walk through the door.  It’s the uniqueness of us as individuals that makes Cognitive Hypnotherapy so powerful.  Each treatment is bespoke, tailored to our clients own needs, representative systems, and it’s flexible, so as the goal posts move, the treatment can move.


Often a client will call and want a session based on say weight loss, or giving up smoking or perhaps anxiety, but I’ve become used to not thinking, okay that’s fine, I know exactly what I will do, because until I meet them, I can’t possibly know. There are often issues underlying  the reason clients come to see me, which might need to be addressed and then everything else can fall into place.


Sometimes I believe clients don’t always realise themselves why they want to make an appointment until they get into session and their mind begins to clear. And it’s fascinating just how interesting that is as a story/idea/realisation begins to unfold, both for my client and myself.  So no-one is a ‘standard’ client, no-one is a ‘boring’ client.  We are all amazing, unusual, exciting individuals, our stories are always important and I am blessed am privileged to be able to assist in so many of your unique paths.  My personal flaws are only too apparent, and I’ve grown to accept them, even love some of them. Long may my clients be human (warts and all).  The day I have to see robots is the day I hang up my hat!

So if you realise you are a unique individual who just wants to clear up an issue which is standing in your way, come and talk to us at Odyssey Partnership/Epsom Hypnotherapy.



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