What is real cost of hypnotherapy: Can you afford not to?

In spite of the many advantages that hypnotherapy can bring to our lives; countless people still view it as somewhat of an extravagance. Though they will spend money on other activities with the intention of making themselves feel emotionally better, such as retail therapy, nights out, holidays, drinking, smoking, take-away food, etc., finding cash for something such as hypnosis is still thought of as extravagant or unwarranted.

The truth is that a hypnotic approach has been found to have life-changing results for many people, from assisting them prevail over smoking habits to helping with weight reduction – so isn’t this a thing worth committing to?

Information about how hypnotherapy can improve your life

As opposed to the conscious mind, which easily forgets many of our experiences. The subconscious mind remembers almost everything, from our very first childhood experiences and ordeals, up to nowadays.

By working on the subconscious, a hypnotherapist can access long-term belief systems and assist the person to make transformations at the very core of the problem. The potential health rewards which can arise from working this way are hence significant.

Weight control

Despite the fact that countless people wanting to shed weight are determined to reach their goals, dieting can be not easy to stay on. It could feel hard to maintain their motivation and feel as though they’re constantly combating their failing will power. Every now and then this is due to deeply embedded beliefs in the subconscious, which no degree of will power can resolve.

A hypnotherapist can apply constructive suggestions and imagery to help re-programme the mind, which results in improved, long lasting weight loss and weight management results.

Addictive Behaviours

Those with addictive problems to such things as cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol or betting usually struggle just as those attempting to shed weight: even when they make a determined effort to defeat their habitual habits, they simply can’t seem to free themselves long-term. Typically this comes down to concentrating on the incorrect aspect of the problem.

Countless smokers, by way of example, apply nicotine substitute products in the thought that by curing the body of its nicotine dependence they might be able to give up smoking cigarettes. Yet, because the dependency stems from the subconscious, this strategy often doesn’t work. Kicking the habit is made a lot easier by addressing the subconscious factors behind smoking cigarettes.

Social phobia

Fear and anxiety can lead to numerous difficulties in a person’s life, for example, being held back in their job or studies resulting from presenting and public speaking anxiety. The point that social phobia can thwart individuals from being promoted in the office or from finishing university ensures that it may cause significant loss.

By using a hypnotherapist, however, this anxiousness will be conquered, and customers may benefit from a higher level of self-esteem both in their working and private lives.

Whilst the cost might appear out of your price range on first thought, the significant changes which can occur through the use of a hypnotic approach make it a worthwhile choice to improve your health and wellbeing.

Donna and Alison of The Odyssey Partnership, are highly trained hypnotherapists based in Epsom.
With over 12 years’ experience of working in the field we know just how much benefit clients derive from addressing issues via hypnotherapy. Often the impact is experienced in many areas of their lives, not just the one that brought them to see us in the first place.

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