Is the prospect of summer weighing you down?

I’d love to say ‘it’s that time of year, the sun is shining and we are all enjoying the start of summer’.

In reality, it’s raining and it’s been raining fairly heavily for the last few days. It’s hard to imagine a soft sun filled May heralding the start of a glorious summer.

Being an optimist, however, I’m sure it’s coming and when it does I want to be ready to enjoy it. So that means I am starting to think about stripping off the layers of wool and adjusting my diet so that I can be sure that my summer wardrobe will feel absolutely comfortable.

I’ve upped my exercise routine at the gym (see point 6 in the weight loss tips below!) and have been listening to a download I recorded for myself, reminding me why I am going and how good I always feel once I’ve finished my workout.

In terms of my diet I’m not doing anything too dramatic, but I’m taking advantage of all the lovely fruit that’s arrived at Epsom market: great big peaches, cherries and globe grapes are eternal favourites and I’m using these as healthy snacks.

Here are some of the top weight loss tips I use and that we share with our clients. They really can make a difference. If you would like to find out more about how cognitive hypnotherapy can help you make changes to the way you think about food or exercise then please do contact us here at Epsom Hypnotherapy. We’d love to hear from you.

Don’t skip meals

Try and eat before you reach 6/10 on the hunger scale

When people ‘diet’ they often skip meals thinking that that’s a good thing. This is not the case. When we become too hungry our brain releases a hormone called Ghrelin. The brain responds to Ghrelin by craving a quick fix – i.e. sugary foods.

Use a smaller plate
In experiments people tend to eat anything up to 22% less food when they use smaller plates. I know, it seems obvious, but it’s not something that we think about.

Keep a food diary

Evidence shows that we grossly underestimate what we eat

Eat more protein

e.g. lean meat/eggs as they take longer to leave the stomach

Exercise each day

Housework, brisk walking, using the stairs all count … exercising for 20 minutes each day can make a massive difference …  Experiments show that once the exercise regime is completed, whether that’s 20 minutes or 1 hour, the body keeps burning calories at a much higher rate – for the next 24 hours!! Even when sleeping.

Drink lots of water

It’s easy to confuse hunger with thirst … if in doubt have a drink and recalibrate

Remember: it takes 20 minutes after eating to realise we are full

Eat a little less and if necessary choose a healthy option to eat a little later if you feel you still need something else

Don’t go to bed hungry

Eat a banana or have a milky drink made with skimmed/semi skimmed milk …over eating can be related to feeling tired and it can be hard to sleep if you are hungry

Get Support

Achieving anything is easier if you feel supported in the process.

Set goals, write them down and tell others about them

We are always more committed to goals that we verbalise and share with others.

Keep reminders of what you are aiming for to hand and why

It could be, for example, a photo of how you would like to look again or of your children or an item of clothing you want to wear or maybe it’s something that reminds you of how confident you feel when you are at your goal weight.

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