Positive Resolutions

Happy New Year!

We hope you have all had a relaxing break over the Christmas period. This is the time of year when we begin to see many clients looking to make positive changes in their lives and we are always happy to help. Whether you want to lose weight, gain self confidence, feel more at ease and confident, here at Epsom Hypnotherapy we can help you to make your goals easier to achieve.

Goals, however, do not have to be based on something negative. This year I’ve got two resolutions: both of which are about building on what I started to do last year:

1) To be even kinder to myself: this is about recognising that I’m not superwoman. Sometimes this means saying ‘no’ and I’m becoming better at doing this. This doesn’t necessarily mean saying no to others, often it’s about saying no to me. I come from a family of ‘do-ers’ and to some extent (although my sister might disagree) it’s rubbed off. I’m a great planner, I like to be organised and have everything up to date and in the right place. In the past I thought I was at my happiest with a things to do list to hand, ticking things off and feeling like I was really ‘getting things done’. However, this didn’t leave a lot of time for relaxation or for being in the moment. So this year is going to have more of these opportunities built in. I’m going to look ahead and book ‘nice’ things to do at least once a month: a trip to the theatre, a weekend away, a gig. I’m also going to get outside more … maybe it’s a sign of age but I’ve found I love a good walk! Being out in the countryside, walking up hills, makes me feel alive and energised.

2) Making time for new opportunities: this year I will choosing a day a week not to take on client work or training delivery. I’ve decided I really want to do more work with children and in order to this in a formalised way then I need a regular slot each week. I’m a great believer that if you make space then opportunities will come along (with a degree of action, of course). In the past, however, I’ve haven’t been proactive enough to really bring this to life. This year I will! I’ve also booked time out for regular breaks. Working for yourself means that if these aren’t booked into the diary (and then stuck to) then the year just fills up with work and there is not time to stop and recharge.

So my question to you is: what will you do this year to be kinder to you?

Change doesn’t have to be about stopping – it can be about doing more of something too!

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