How People Who Have Anxiety And Panic Attacks Can Benefit From Cognitive Hypnotherapy

According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (2009), 4.7 people in every 100 are affected by anxiety. That’s just about 1 in 20 and 9.7 people in every 100 experience a combination of anxiety and depression (10 in every 100). If you are living with anxiety you are not alone.

Research suggests that stress can be a major factor in the onset of anxiety/ panic disorder; some people know the trigger or cause – for others , perhaps even more frighteningly it can seen to begin without any known reason at all.

We all have a natural fight or flight response that triggers the release of adrenaline when we find ourselves in scenarios where we sense danger and need to protect ourselves. For most of us these are short term experiences and, once the danger has passed, our bodies resume their natural status quo. For those of us experiencing anxiety/panic, however, our bodies go into overdrive, producing more of the stress related hormones and chemicals more of the time so that we find ourselves living in prolonged states of ‘fight or flight’. This can put strain on our physical bodies and dramatically reduce our psychological resilience to cope with life in general. When the dread and panic becomes perpetual it can cause even more panic or anxiety and as self-confidence diminishes depression can develop.

At the Odyssey Partnership we have worked with many clients who experience anxiety and panic attacks and we understand that they are often very distressing. To have an attach in public can create feelings of humiliation and embarrassment which leads to people restricting how they live their everyday lives. An anxiety attack may not just be frightening to the person experiencing it but to partners, children, friends, colleagues etc.

Medication is sometimes prescribed by GPs and it works to reduce the symptoms. Cognitive hypnotherapy takes a different approach. We teach clients tips and strategies to manage symptoms naturally as well as assisting them to remove the cause. Cognitive Hypnotherapy for panic disorder and anxiety can bring about positive behavioural changes by helping clients to think and feel differently unconsciously as well as consciously. Once your whole mind is working in harmony to help you achieve your goal you are far more likely to achieve success.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic disorder is an option for individuals who need individual supportive treatment as an alternative or alongside medical treatment. Our approach, at the Odyssey Partnership, helps clients to create feelings of calmness and peace thus relieving stress and panic and allowing you to live a life without constant worry and frustration. The unconscious mind is amazingly powerful. Transformations made at this level are generally long lasting and the approaches you learn to manage the symptoms of anxiety are yours to use throughout your life.

If you are living with anxiety or feelings of panic why not call us to discuss how we might be able to help you. Donna and Alison, of the Odyssey Partnership, would be happy to talk with you at your convenience, and, if you know of anyone to is living with these symptoms please do tell them about us and how we could be of help.

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