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Nail Biting can be helped with hypnotherapy

Nail biting is viewed as an unpleasant and annoying habit. Generally, it begins during early school years and then stops in late adolescence. However, chewing fingernails may continue into adulthood for a lot of people, and becomes a psychological crutch, resulting in real physical harm to the fingers. Hypnotherapy is commonly used to help those troubled by this problematic behaviour.

So what exactly is a habit?

A habit is identified as being a pattern of behaviour that is recurrent and usually subconscious. It’s something we gain by regularly repeating a particular behaviour. The very nature of a habit is that it is not hard to get into but challenging to escape. The habit is only a bad one if it is harming us in some way either physically or psychologically.

Some people overeat, a lot of people smoke, others waste away hours on the internet. As soon as action takes place without conscious thought or effort, that’s when it has changed into a habit. Typically it is when you find yourself eating, smoking cigarettes or biting your fingernails that you don’t remember choosing to do it in the first place.

What makes nail biting a problematic behaviour?

Fingernail biting is, typically, a behavioural pattern created by those suffering from tension and anxiety, but can also be a purely physiological habit. The main reason fingernail biting is so bad for you is the bodily harm it can cause. In mild cases the sufferer might have unsightly ripped cuticles and fingertips, vulnerable to bleeding and infection. In a few severe cases the affected person can lose the nail completely as well as being left with a disfigured finger.

Typically the habit doesn’t only impact your fingers either. The dental issues related to nail biting are very well documented. Gingival injury is injury to the soft tissue in the mouth (the gingival tissue) due to persistent fingernail biting. Combined with this, unhealthy bacteria buried deep within the nail bed can be transferred to the mouth and transport serious infections into the body.

Most nail biters realise that they have a problem but they simply do not understand how to stop it. It can be uncomfortable catching yourself having your arm in an unusual position to bite the nail and then recalling you are in front of other individuals that more than likely find that behaviour unattractive. It is also upsetting when others notice or talk about your damaged fingers and nails.

The most important thing to recognise is that the nail biting is typically a coping system for something a little bit deeper that needs bringing to the forefront of the mind and addressing.

Hypnotherapy strategies for chewing nails is fantastic at taking care of this behaviour. Alison, of the Odyssey Partnership, an Epsom based hypnotherapy practice, says ‘many clients achieve excellent results inside a couple of sessions. In fact, you can see a testimonial from a 40 year old Epsom client on our testimonial page, who found hypnotherapy worked amazingly well on her’.

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