Limiting Beliefs and their impact on Change

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou
Many of us have things we would like to change in our lives, sometimes we daydream and imagine how life could be different. And, when it was different how it would be better: we’d be happier; we’d be more fulfilled; we’d feel calmer;  or, we would get the sense that we were in control of our life.

Yet, despite knowing this consciously something stops us from taking action.

I was working with a coaching client recently who wanted to set up her own business. She knew what she wanted to do, why she wanted to do it and how it would improve her life.  Despite this she listed the obstacles that meant she couldn’t do it at this time:

  • Life was too busy and she was feeling stressed
  • It might take money to make the start which she didn’t have
  • She thought she might do a couple more courses first so she could tell her prospective customers she had even more qualifications

Through discussion she came to appreciate that these weren’t real stoppers. The real stoppers were her limiting beliefs

  • She might not be good enough
  • She might not be as skilled as she thought she was
  • And, ultimately she might fail

Together we considered the ‘What Ifs’

What if she was good enough and was never brave enough to find out? She would have to live with that feeling of ‘I might not be good enough’ for the rest of her life.

What if she found that she had so many more skills, capabilities and resources than she ever imagined? She might find that she could take her business in so many directions, earn the income she was looking for and find the financial security she was seeking

What if she failed and from that experience discovered the route to success?  After all, what does it really mean to fail?

Success and Failure aren’t opposite ends of a continuum. Failure is part of the journey to success. It’s where the learning comes from. And, from that learning comes a greater possibility of success.

At the end of the session we set some goals:

  • She would work on her marketing literature as there was no cost.
  • She would use her contacts to get some leaflets printed at very minimal cost.
  • She would begin to a) decide who she would like to share these with and b) begin to do leaflet drops in her local area.
  • She would begin to offer her services around her day job, building up her client base and income over time. This would give her the opportunity to either reduce her day job hours or to wait and when her client base was strong enough give this up altogether.

At the end of the session she commented that there hadn’t really been anything outside of herself holding her back: the procrastination came from  her limiting beliefs about herself. Without these the way forward seemed clear, simple and achievable.

Change can be really simple and so much easier than you might imagine if you just let go.

So, if you have something you would like to achieve why not call the Odyssey Partnership (Epsom Hypnotherapy) for warm, non-judgmental assistance.

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