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Well, they have arrived – the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. We may not all be in the Olympic team, but many of us participate in sports, whether competitively or just to keep fit or have fun.

Whatever your reason, or your sport for that matter, most of us want to perform well, and many of us are more competitive than we care to admit. It’s so easy to find we lose concentration at the crucial moment, or to let nerves get in the way of performing our ‘A’ game.

hat’s where we can help at Odyssey Partnership/Epsom Hypnotherapy. Our techniques can help with raising your game in sports and other competitive activities, helping you to stay calm, stay in the zone.  We have worked with clients in many competitive fields:  golf, swimming, athletics, dancing, performing arts etc.

You may have been aware of well-known golfers for example using a ‘trigger’ such as twisting the handle of their club to focus and take themselves into the zone. When we help our clients create a trigger and teach them how to enter a ‘sports focus trace’ it can help them to improve their performance and focus to a point where they can eliminate the awareness of sounds and movements around them  – the deeper the trace effect, the less awareness of their surroundings.   This allows them to be completely process focused and in the moment, and not outcome focused.  So they aren’t worrying about the last ‘poor shot’ or the ‘injury last year’ etc.

Techniques we teach can also enable you to change limiting beliefs. Until Roger Bannister conquered the four minute mile in 1954, many believed this was not possible.  Of course today, we have more science behind the sport of running, but the ‘limiting belief’ that the four minute mile was impossible was dissolved forever, and consequently this allowed others to break through it.  So much so, that the following year, over 100 people ran the mile in under four minutes – Amazing! The thought we attach, the beliefs we hold are so very important to the outcome of our performance.

We can also use hypnotic success rehearsal. This involves practising something in your mind, whether it’s running a mile in under four minutes, improving your golf swing, completing that perfect dive, as far as your brain circuits are concerned, you are practising this for real. So to demystify – when you practise something in your mind you are using hypnosis, practising a positive outcome is setting up your brain with a blueprint for success.

So if the Rio Olympics get your juices flowing, or you just want to improve your handicap at the local golf club or play a better part in your tennis doubles this weekend, you might want to consider what many, many professional sports players already know – hypnosis can have a profound effect on your performance.

Give us a call at Odyssey Partnership/Epsom Hypnotherapy and speak to Donna or Alison and learn more.

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