Hypnotherapy to stop eating sugary food

With respect to unhealthy foods, we are confronted with a remarkable range of choice. Advertisements for it are everywhere; any time you turn on the TV, or wait at the bus stop, and even if you manage to stay away from these, there is often a shelf of tempting sweets awaiting you when reach the supermarket till.

These treats could possibly be simple to ignore for those with a strong willpower, and yet, for some people they trigger a difficult psychological strife.

Even though those that smoke and drug addicts are in general told that what they’re dealing with are addictive habits, those who battle with excessive snacks or emotional comfort eating are generally perceived with less sympathy.

This just makes the issue a whole lot worse, producing reduced self-worth and enhanced self-loathing.

Nonetheless, dependence on foods like sweets, biscuits and crisps is indeed an addiction like any other, and every now and then by using pure self-control to stop simply doesn’t work.

What makes us comfort eat?

Addictive problems tend to be grounded in the subconscious mind.

In our lives, the brain help us handle distressing situations or incidents by creating coping techniques or methods.

After the mind has associated a certain strategy with the feeling of contentment or stress elimination, it makes us feel that we should implement this same technique each and every time we feel bad.

Quite often parents might repay their children for good behaviour with some kind of snack food.

Every now and then these types of food will also be used as an easy way of cheering up a child who is feeling down, or by the grownup to ‘make up’ for something bad that has occurred (“I’m sorry I missed your sports day; let’s get some ice cream on the way home”).

This habit of using food as a treat or as a mood-booster then becomes internalised, which means that when we find ourselves feeling low, our mind is wired to automatically desire junk foods because it believes that is what makes us feel good again.

Handling the subconscious mind

  • At the Odyssey Partnership we can :
  • help you to stop your cravings for high calorie foods like crisps, cakes, sweets and biscuits, by making use of your subconscious
  • help you feel less desire for junk foods by making use of powerful suggestion and imagery; just like hypnosis helps people who smoke find cigarettes undesirable.

Instead of working with the conscious mind, like most diet plans do, hypnosis addresses and resolves the fundamental problem by changing bad old habitual habits with new favourable thoughts about eating, consequently freeing you from your old behaviours.

Instead of needing to utilise all of your strength of mind to avoid food cravings, going without them will feel normal and easy to accomplish. Just imagine how much lighter that might make you feel.

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