Hypnotherapy for Postnatal Depression

The birth of a new baby is viewed as a cause for celebration, yet for some women, and a few men too, it can mark the start of a very stressful depressive episode. Coping with postnatal depression can prove extremely lonely and hard, as social expectations for new mums and dads to be happy can weigh heavily.

However, individuals who struggle with post-natal depression are in good company; as high as 15% of new mums and dads are believed to have suffered similar issues. The fact is the real numbers may be greater than this, since many people avoid seeking assistance.

Just what are the signs of post-natal depression?

Postnatal depression is much like depression endured at other times and for other reasons. The unique worries and stresses of becoming a parent, however, can make it even more confusing, because you might not grasp what is ‘normal’ or not, or whether you’re merely feeling over-tired from taking care of your baby.

Some common symptoms include:
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  • Feeling sad, low or tearful
  • Fatigue and shortage of energy
  • Getting irritable or easily angered
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Unusual dietary habits – This may either be feelings of increased hunger, bringing about overeating, or losing desire for food.
  • Absence of pleasure
  • Loss in sex drive
  • Panic attacks
  • Pessimistic or guilt ridden thoughts about yourself
  • Often unwilling to meet up with family or friends
  • Despondency
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings

A small number of mums and dads may experience more serious symptoms, including hearing voices or developing out of the ordinary ideas

How will hypnosis help?

Hypnotherapy for postnatal depression has shown to be a helpful approach for many experiencing this condition. Although some people may find anti-depressants to be useful for a while they might also discover that the benefits can prove limited in the long term. Often this is because the unsettling events that may have triggered or brought about the postnatal depression are still unresolved. It may also be that the postnatal depression is in fact an extension of pre-existing depression or panic. Hypnotherapy can assist someone to get to the root of the issue and then to change the thoughts and feelings that it causes. This is why a number of people find support groups and/or some type of counselling or therapy to be the best method for getting long-term changes.

A hypnotic approach works by using the subconscious mind; therefore a hypnotherapist may discover any underlying reasons behind the postnatal depression. Many mothers and fathers feel bad about being affected by these issues because they have a powerful picture in their mind of how they think they ought to be responding and feeling. Even if a mother is unable to bond with her new infant, the actual reason for the problems is probably not the newborn whatsoever.

In fact, many underlying reasons can trigger postnatal depression. Here at the Odyssey Partnership we understand that each person’s experience is unique to them. We will work with you, tailoring all interventions to your specific needs and requirements and in so doing we will assist you to find ways to re-wire the underlying feelings and opinions in your subconscious that happen to be causing your depression, so you can be free to start really enjoying life as a new parent.

Here at the Odyssey Partnership, Alison and Donna are always happy to have an initial discussion with you over the telephone so that you can feel confident that you are coming to see someone that you feel able to trust and begin to make the changes you most want to make.

The Odyssey Partnership is an Epsom based practice. Both Donna and Alison are fully trained and insured. We have an interest in childbirth and parenting – we are both qualified confident childbirth practitioners and Alison is currently completing her BabyQuest qualification which will enable her to specialise in Fertility issues. As parents ourselves we understand the demands placed upon you and you can be assured of a warm and sensitive approach.

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