Happiness is overrated and contentment much maligned! Controversial?

So many of us talk about achieving happiness, but what exactly does that mean? Is happiness something fleeting?  Can we be happy all of the time?  Is it even realistic?

My mother, a wise and lovely woman, put a great deal of store by contentment and what I saw as ambition she, I believe saw as lack of contentment. “Will you always be malcontent” she once asked me. Well sadly, she is no longer with us, so I’m able to answer her honestly “No, I am content”.

It’s taken a good few years and wrinkles along the way, but I can truly say I recognise the value of contentment and I am content. The pursuit of happiness sometime leads to a hedonistic lifestyle and constant disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for feeling happy, having ambition and goals. The problem lies, I believe, when we forget to live in the moment and just feel blessed for what we do have, what we can see around us.  It’s that difference between having your glass half full or half empty.

It’s too easy to get caught up in what we believe we don’t have but when we take the time to be in the moment, everything can change.   I just take a moment, often several times throughout the day, to look at the sun shining, the patterns of the clouds in the sky.  Look around the room at my work colleagues and smile and realise how lucky I am that I can class them as friends, not just colleagues.  Wonder at the little kindnesses which are offered throughout the day, perhaps an encouraging email from a friend or colleague,  a cup of tea or coffee made for me.  Perhaps a text from one of my sons.  Realising that I already have lots of clothes in my wardrobe, toiletries in the bathroom, entertainment on hand, such as a selection of books, DVD’s CD’s and of course a TV.  I have email and a telephone, so I can call and talk to a friend or family member,  once you start to think about it, there are many positive things in your life already, and the more you focus on them, the more they come into focus.

We can change our mind. We can change our perception.  Want to talk about it?  Both Donna and Alison at the Odyssey Partnership (Epsom Hypnotherapy), are just a call away.

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