Clear Communication reduces Stress and Anxiety

I have been following the news stories over the past weeks with regards to the British Airways  computer failure, leaving passengers stranded, their luggage left behind, etc. during  one of the busiest holiday periods of the year.  In the words of the well know British sitcom ‘Computer says No’

The interesting part of this news story for me, was that although British Airways blamed their IT, when interviewed, what bothered passengers was the lack of communication from the airline.

We are all found to be more understanding, more tolerant when we are kept well informed.  As humans, our cognitive systems are designed to think about our context so we can prepare for it.  If we don’t receive the necessary information we need and feel we can trust, our imagination will just fill in the blanks.  We are much more able to deal with disappointments and upsets when we can explain why things are happening, thus avoiding our fight or flight response.

So whilst BA rushed in armies of IT experts (not sure they could have flown them in under the circumstances) what they needed to be doing in equal numbers was to have well trained communications people on the ground handing out relevant and up-to-date information in order to manage their customer’s belief systems and retain their trust.

And this is true in all areas of our lives, when we are well informed with relevant, truthful and up-to-date information, we are much more able to stay calm and to cope and to come up with our own solutions.

We demonstrate to our clients that whilst we all live in the external world we also have an internal world . Our internal world determines our attitudes, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions towards the external world.  Sometimes the external world gets it wrong – just as BA did by not communicating clearly with passengers . Sometimes, however, there is a fault or error in the way our internal world processes information.  This may lead to us, for example, being overly critical of ourselves; judging ourselves far more harshly than we would anyone else: we decide that we are not good enough, not clever enough, not thin enough, not anything enough!

Many psychological symptoms are the result of our internal world sending us messages which are inaccurate, out of date or just plain unhelpful.  Clean and clear communication from both the external world and our own internal world are key to on-going emotional health.

How much of our daily stress levels and elevated anxiety levels stem from lack of or poor communications?  Much of what we practice here at The Odyssey Partnership and Epsom Hypnotherapy is about clear and up-to-date communication.  Want to hear more?  Want to receive accurate information from your internal world?  Contact us for a free, confidential chat or to make an appointment.



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