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Binge drinking – the subject of our times

According to research published in 2013, the number of people binge drinking in England increased by:

  • 20% in men, pushing the overall estimate up to 52%
  • 28% in women, pushing the overall estimate up to 56%

We live in a very stressful world, and every single day our lives seem to get busier and more demanding. It’s no wonder then that the wish to find some relief grows stronger. It’s no surprise either, given our culture and the prevalence of alcohol, that we can turn to booze. Visit any town centre on a Saturday night and you will find plenty of people ‘letting off steam’ or ‘having a good time’. Rivalry between bars and supermarkets is intense, and offers on drinks seem to be getting ever more competitive. Happy hours can now last for whole evenings. Most people don’t see it as a concern, after all it’s just a good night out, right?

What exactly defines ‘binge drinking’?

Well, the definition of binge drinking used by the NHS and National Office of Statistics is drinking more than double the lower risk guidelines for alcohol in one session.

Binge drinking for men, therefore, is drinking more than 8 units of alcohol – or about three pints of strong beer. For women, it’s drinking more than 6 units of alcohol, equivalent to two large glasses of wine

This means there are numerous people out there who qualify as binge drinkers and who don’t know it. You might think to yourself, is it really so bad to drink just a couple of glasses after a hard day? Just look at the effects:
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Short term effects

[list style=”arrow” color=”purple”]

  • raised blood pressure
  • liver disease
  • cancers, particularly breast and gullet
  • mental health problems e.g. depression and anxiety
  • infertility
  • heart disease
  • stomach ulcers
  • osteoporosis (thinning of the bones)
  • pancreatitis
  • stroke
  • brain damage

[/list][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]

Long term effects

[list style=”arrow” color=”purple”]

  • Disturbed sleep and sleeplessness
  • feeling stressed
  • memory loss or blackouts
  • sweating and shaking
  • loss of appetite
  • stomach problems
  • anxiety
  • impaired judgement
  • diarrhoea
  • sickness
  • bad skin
  • weight gain


All of a sudden it doesn’t seem like such a stress busting solution, does it?

Drinking just that extra glass each evening could mean that you find yourself feeling even more stressed, discover your clothes don’t fit as comfortably as they used to and that you’re just not as able to jump out of bed ready to face the day the next morning as you once were. In fact, it can set off a vicious cycle, all combining to make you feel even more ready for a couple of large glasses of sauvignon blanc come the evening.
So what hypnotherapy do to help?
It can help to:

  • manage stress more constructively
  • break patterns of behaviour and exchange old habits for ones that are more beneficial
  • decrease your alcohol consumption or cut it out completely if that’s what you want
  • save you pounds – both those in your pocket and those around your waist!
  • ensure you feel more equipped, better able to cope with those swerve balls life occasionally throws at us

What will the Odyssey Partnership do for me?

Firstly we will congratulate you for contacting us, we know that by doing so you are already engaging in the changes you want to make.
Secondly, we will support you – we aren’t here to judge but to help you to make the alterations in your habits/behaviours that are right for you.

Thirdly, we will help you to decide upon a clear goal whether that’s complete alcohol avoidance, cutting down on evenings out or simply drinking water in one or two rounds.

Finally, we will tailor our interventions to suit you. We know that your success comes from harnessing your inner strength and resources. Hypnotherapy can help you unlock this potential to make the constructive changes you want to make.

So, what now?

If this article has struck a chord then why not contact Donna or Alison of the Odyssey Partnership and take the first steps towards a healthier and richer lifestyle.

We are a highly qualified practitioners and have experience of assisting many other clients in Epsom and the surrounding areas to meet their goals. Donna says ‘ making changes always feels hard to begin with, many clients find, however, that once they make a start it’s so much easier to do so than they imagined possible. Why not give us a call? We are always happy to chat informally about hypnotherapy and how it could help you’.

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